How to play

1. Choose your tickets

Select the desired number of tickets, with a maximum limit of 20 per person, and set yourself on the path to securing a legendary timepiece.

2. Play the game

Test your watch know-how with our online game, made to see who’s genuinely in the know and who’s not.

3. Buy your tickets

Ensure a secure payment as you submit your entry. The winner is selected by Randomdraws, an independent third-party Random Number Generator.

4. Win your legendary watch

And there you have it! You have the opportunity to walk away with a brand new luxury watch and the odds are incredibly in your favour.

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Let’s support the planet while we’re at it

We love the finer things in life and would like to keep it that way! We proudly support Ecologi in their vital efforts to conserve the environment and combat climate change. For every ticket sold, we plant a tree.