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Welcome to Legendary Watch Club, a London-based startup founded by a close-knit team of watch enthusiasts with a shared passion for legendary craftsmanship and storytelling. Operating out of the heart of one of the world’s most iconic cities, we’re dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals through exclusive competitions. Our mission is simple yet captivating: to celebrate the world’s finest timepieces while giving you the chance to own a piece of that legend.

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Let’s turn time into something truly legendary!

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At Legendary Watch Club, we believe that elegance, sophistication, and style should never be out of reach. We’ll bring you the stories behind the most legendary watches, guide you on how to make your watch a style statement and be the first to tell you about new timepiece arrivals. Legendary Watch Club celebrates the finer things in life.

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Let’s support the planet while we’re at it

We love the finer things in life and would like to keep it that way! We proudly support Ecologi in their vital efforts to conserve the environment and combat climate change. For every ticket sold, we plant a tree.